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Torchwood: Asylum

CD cover 'Torchwood Asylum' BBC Radio 4 drama by Anita Sullivan

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Falling through Torchood rift. 'Asylum' BBC Radio 4 drama by Anita Sullivan
Sci-fi TV series goes radio

In winter 2008 three writers were commissioned to write 45 minute radio dramas for Torchwood (the Cardiff-set, time-rift, Dr-Who-for-adults drama). The radio plays fit between TV series two and three.

Although a fan of both Torchwood and Dr Who I'd never written for a running serial before. To add to the challenge, the series three storyline was so top-secret we couldn't be told about it!

'Asylum' is about a refugee from the future who carries a secret in her DNA. Torchwood's challenge is to deal compassionately with a lost, disorientated (and dangerous) teenage girl.

I really loved writing for Gwen and I was allowed to give Andy a character-changing reveal. I also enjoyed creating a future-Cardiff/ Scandi dialect for Freda, the falling girl. 'Skillaboo'.


Radio 4 Afternoon Play. BBC Wales Production. Starred John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd. 


Produced by Kate McAll BBC Cardiff. Broadcast July 2009.


​Radio Times Pick of the Day, with article feature

Lost girl 'Torchwood Asylum' BBC Radio 4 drama by Anita Sullivan
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