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Heart of Darkness

Joseph Conrad's novel reimagined ​

Present day Democratic Republic of Congo. Maya, an Environmental Impact Assessor, is head-hunted by an investment company. She is sent to an research station far up river to retrieve a report into the 'quality and diversity' of an area of rainforest. At the end of the river the outspoken ecologist Kurtz. Has he sold his soul to the corporation? Is he trying to save the world?  Can he even save himself?

'We trust you will recognise what is important. What must be saved.'

'Heart of Darkness' was first broadcast January 2021 as Saturday drama. Starring Georgia Henshaw, Peter Bankole, Jude Akuwudike, Ashleigh Haddad, Stephen Hogan and Steve Tousssaint.

To find out more about the adaptation, read my blog, Facing the Heart of Darkness.

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Produced and Directed by James Robinson, BBC Cardiff

Sound design by Nigel Lewis

Consultants Ange Kasongo and Tracey Nyemba

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