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An original audio drama serial for Radio 4

Silos is a future-fiction thriller about human consciousness. It's set on a fictional island in a near-future, where climate events are forcing people to relocate. But those in resource-hungry nations are still not doing enough to adapt their lifestyles. The alternative is human hibernation. A ‘sleep vacation’ in an energy efficient sleep-tube is used to offset your personal consumption. It’s a form of National Service with benefits: sleep-learning, physical and mental wellbeing, missing Winter. Lanza island voted to institute the silos.

Stasis Lawyer Natalie Brook has to protect her clients from a rapidly developed technology and rushed legislation. She's desperate to defer her own sleep call-up, until she has news of her missing daughter. When she hears about cluster of post-sleep psychosis cases in one particular silo, she has to investigate. Meeting sleep-technician Riv takes her on a journey she never could have imagined.

Silos has community at its heart, a web of connections from a building to a neigbourhood to an island… to the world. It asks  how we integrate while retaining individuality, how we help people who have lost everything recover from trauma and reorientate. It explores how we navigate our changing world, when hyperconnection divides.

Cast includes Anistasia Hille, Paul Bazely, Rakie Ayola, Raad Rawi.

'Silos' was produced by Karen Rose of Sweet Talk Productions. Broadcast on BBC Radio March 22nd 2024

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Groundbreaking serial for Women's Hour.

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