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Pan Horror Volume 2

A Big black ant with giant opened jaws l
Five 15 minute dramas

Remember those classic British horror paperbacks with the grisly covers? I adapted five of the best from Volume 2. Big name authors Bram Stoker's 'The Judges House'  and Edgar Allan Poe 'The Black Cat' sit alongside lesser-known greats. William Sansom's 'Vertical Ladder' is a study in vertigo, Stanley Ellin's 'Specialty of the House' is very dark meat, and Carl Stephenson's Leiningen Versus the Ants' true creeping horror. To find out more, read the 'making of' blog.

'Pan Horror' was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour across Halloween week 2018.  Pippa Haywood played a Gasometer, Timothy Watson battled army ants and Samuel Barnett got a taste for the forbidden. Barnaby Kay and Luke Thomson confronted cats and rats respectively.

Produced by Karen Rose of Sweet Talk productions.

Sound Design by David Thomas.

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