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Horror well 'Ring' BBC radio 4 drama by Anita Sullivan
Steve Erickson's music-history road-trip through a ruptured America

Its 2021. A black sister and her white brother are driving from LA to Michigan to see their mother when the Twin Towers materialise in South Dakota. The decide to take a diversion.


Listening to the twin playlists their Dad made in September 2011, they begin an epic road-trip through an American in Disunion. History has been diverted. Instead of Elvis, America got his stillborn twin Jesse. The Beatles didn't happen. John Kennedy no longer a President. It's a world where atrocities happen and music is slowly disappearing.

'Shadowban' was first broadcast June 2018 for Dangerous Visions.  Starring Mike Iveson, Antu Yacob, Robbie Tann and Patch Darragh.

Produced and Directed by Judith Kampfner and Steve Bond. A Corporation For Independent Media production for BBC Radio 4

Winner of two New York Radio Awards
Shortlisted for Aria award

Interested in adaptations?

See my 'Adapting Shadowhbahn' blog

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