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Horror well 'Ring' BBC radio 4 drama by Anita Sullivan
Cult Japanese horror goes viral

Koji Suzuki horror novel 'Ring' inspired the infamous 1998 film, various remakes and two sequels. This adaptation for radio returns to source, restoring the dark gender-politics and the double viral twist. The violent deaths of four teenagers are linked to a video tape.

'Watch. Listen. Until the end.'

'Ring' was first broadcast Halloween 2015 for Fright Night.  Starring Matthew Gravelle, Eve Myles, Akira Koieyama and Naoko Mori. 


An immersive 'binaural' mix of the programme was available online and as an 'In the Dark' experience at Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol. It put the horror right between the ears.

Produced and directed by James Robinson, BBC Wales.

Award-nominated sound design by Charlotte Robinson

Nominated for Radio Drama Award


​Radio Times Pick of the Day *****

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