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Gull Therapy

'Gull Therapy' radio drama by Anita Sullivan. Woman in white coat feeds seagulls.
Living with aphasia... and seagulls

A young man with aphasia hopes his speech & language therapist can make him 'better'. The seagulls on the roof have other ideas. A story about language, communication and identity. 

'Gull Therapy'  is an original Afternoon Drama for Radio 4. It was first broadcast July 2015. Starring Susan Lynch, Carl Prekopp and Owen Roe. Gull voices/ original music by Eleanor Gamper. Recorded partly on location on a Brighton rooftop, with volunteer seagulls.

The drama was researched with Connect aphasia peer-support groups in London and Hove. Thank you to everyone who shared their stories and advised the production.

Produced and directed by Karen Rose, Sweet Talk Productions.

Location recording and sound design by David Thomas.


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