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The Beacon

Book cover of Susan Hill's 'The Beacon' adapted for radio by Anita Sullivan
Susan Hill's novel as Woman's Hour serial

Frank Prime has written a 'misery memoir' about his childhood. On the remote farm The Beacon he suffered punishment, deprivation and psychological torture at the hands of his parents and siblings. But the publication and it's bigger truth have a devastating impact on his family.


In in this drama adaptation, true to Susan Hill novel, location becomes character and family tensions are the subtext to every word.

'The Beacon' was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour in five 30 minute episodes, May 2010. It starred Manon Edwards, Steffa Rhodri and Sirol Jenkins. With Mark Lawson and Kirsty Wark, as themselves.

Produced by Kate McAll, BBC Wales.


​Radio Times Pick of the Day ****

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