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Rock of Eye

'Rock of Eye' by Anita Sullivan. Tailor measures customer.
The measure of a man


Three elderly tailors are commissioned to make a bespoke waistcoat, coat and trousers for a very particular customer. The fabric is the most expensive on earth, the contract is diabolical.

'Rock of Eye' is a bespoke tailoring term, meaning to take the measure of a man by eye. In traditional tailoring the trousers, waistcoat and coat ('only potatoes wear jackets') are made by three different specialists who may never meet. I learned about the business from Tom 'Tinker Tailor' in Brighton, now retired.

'Rock of Eye' is an original Afternoon Drama for Radio 4. It was first broadcast July 2011 starring Malcolm Storry and Catrin Stewart, with Allan Corduner and Stephen Marzella.

Produced by Kate McAll BBC Wales. Directed by Anita Sullivan.

Original music by John Beagley.

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