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Ropewalk House

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An original 75 minute drama for Radio 3. Co-created with Shunt Theatre

A site-specific theatre company are devising a show in an abandoned warehouse. But as their barriers come down, the space opens out into a ropewalk. It's an incredible space, with fantastic performance possibilities. They're drawn deeper. Their stories twist together within the metamorphic building created by a Victorian rope-maker and his spirit guide. Naturally, things start to unravel horrifically.

Nigel Barrett and Hannah Ringham from Shunt theatre shared their experiences of creating site specific performances. The fantastic experts at Chatham docks gave me a private tour of their working ropewalk. When writing the Ropewalk script I created spaces for improvisation. Hannah and Nigel returned for the recording, with Rob Heaps, Carl Prekopp and Gbemisola Ikumelo.


Joby Walden choreographed the impossible space with soundscapes created by Ben Ringham.

'Ropewalk House' was produced by Joby Waldman with Reduced Listening. It was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 January 2019

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