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Dangerous Curiosities

M R James on stage, 'Dangerous Curiosities' by Anita Sullivan
M R James gives A Warning to the Curious


'Dangerous Curiosities' is a collection of three short plays based on the supernatural stories of M.R. James. They explore the horror of everyday places and objects: the terror of the unknown and uncontrollable.


  • 'The Whistle' (based on 'Whistle and I'll Come to you, My Lad)

  • 'The Experiment' (based on an unfinished story of this name)

  • 'The Maze' (based on 'Mr. Humphrey's Inheritance').

The plays were produced by Eastern Angles and toured East Anglia in winter 1998 under the title 'A Warning to the Curious'.


Directed by Ben Harrison.


"A true demonstration of the power of live theatre… a strong script is transformed into a spectacular piece of drama." Essex County Standard 20/11/98 Eddie Howes

"It is easy to enter into their blackly sinister world… frightens the daylights out of the audience... a gripping evening." Evening Star 25/11/98 Carol Carver

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