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The Hedge

'The Hedge' radio drama by Anita Sullivan. Suburban dystopia.
A man's home is his castle


In the 1960's Richard and Marion were political activists. Now retired, they've created a perfect world behind an an impossibly high, impossibly deep hedge. But something is trying to get through. Something Marion wants to let in.

'The Hedge' s an original Afternoon Drama for Radio 4. It was first broadcast April 2012. Starring Fiona Shaw, Peter Ellis and Tanya Franks, narrated by Dorien Thomas. 

Produced and directed by James Robinson, BBC Wales.


  • Radio 4 'Pick of the Week'

  • Writer Anita Sullivan’s story is an intriguing, engrossing tale that works a truly delicate balance between the fantastical and the grippingly real.  William Gallagher Radio Times 'Pick of the Day'

  • Strange and haunting. Gillian Reynold Telegraph 'Pick of the Day' 

  • Independent Radio Choice of the day

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