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Just Whores

Brighton cast of 'Just Whores' by Anita Sullivan

Sauna stories


'Just Whores' is about the sauna sex industry, and was researched with the help of the Scottish Prostitutes Education Project and Brighton Street Outreach Service. It tells the story of Irma, a student who funds herself through college by working as a prostitute.

'Just Whores' has had six sell-out productions. It was first staged as part of Edinburgh's FebFest in 1994 and selected to perform at the Traverse. It re-staged for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1994.

Updated with new research it was performed in Brighton, summer 1999 and for the Brighton Festival 2001, and in Summer 2003 at the New Venture Theatre.

Edinburgh cast of 'Just Whores' by Anita Sullivan

'A down to earth up front look at the day to day lives of the girls who work hard for a living and the endless stream of punters who pass through their well-oiled hands. Two years of research with local prostitutes has produced a drama that paints a graphic and sometimes hilarious view of what goes on behind frosted glass shop fronts. A cracking wee show'. The List. 15/8/94

'This finely crafted play exposes without judging- its disturbing, uncomfortable and funny by turn'. Evening News 14/8/94 Gillian Haig.

'…real and moving…shot through with humour…An important piece of new drama' The Argus 12/8/99 Roger Love

'Anita Sullivan's upbeat drama is perhaps the most accurate presentation of the sauna sex industry some audience members will ever see. Commendably, the production avoids standardised media portrayals of prostitutes as sex objects or victims... Just Whores is neither for nor against prostitution but states the reality and steps back, leaving audience members to ruminate over their own reactions. A long overdue look at an alternative side to Festival City.' The Big Issue Scotland 21/08/94

HIV virus 'Pricked' stage play by  Anita Sullivan
Vladimir Mayakovsky's statue in 'Monumental' play by Anita Sullivan
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