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  • Anita Sullivan

Welcome to my New Website!

I've finally done it. I have a new front-window onto my world.

I'd been running my old website since the mid '90s. As I added projects it steadily bloated into a content-monster. The design went out of fashion, briefly came back in as 'retro' and passed into obsolescence as it wasn't mobile responsive. You can see the problem...

So here we are, all slimmed down and spruced up.

Gone is the huge front-page list of Absolutely Everything, designed to trap Search Engine spiders in a recursive-link web of confusion. Gone are my dinky hand-drawn illustrations. I did my best.

Theatre has glossy production photos and show-posters to tell it's story. Being invisible, radio is more of a challenge to illustrate. Once upon a time you could feature up to 2 minutes of your own work on your own site. Sadly, no more. My website is now silent. But on the bright side...

For the first time, I have a BLOG. I am a visible character, writing my own words.

I have a career's worth of mixed experience, cautionary tales, unsolicited advice and unsubstantiated rumours to share. Here's some of the topics I plan to cover:

  • How to get a Radio Commission

  • Don't Count on the Word-count

  • The Joy of Research

  • Write History: Fail the Bechdel Test

  • Exposition Expose

  • Radio Location Recording

  • Devising Democracy

  • Things I've Learned from Students

  • Fun with Freewheelers

  • Documentary Drama

  • Site-Specific Insights

  • Tea with the Huntmaster

  • Let the Right Kids In!

I'm also planning an App with storytelling 'Oblique Strategies'.

For all this and other goodies, watch this space.


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