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New Writing Directory

If you're a radio or theatre writer (or audience-member) interested in new writing, this page links you to the best of that world.

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If you're a writer getting work produced, or with aspirations to do so, you need backup. You don't necessarily need an agent: the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain and Society of Authors do great work negotiating standard contracts and commission rates, provide legal advice, and offer networking and newsletters as a bonus. Once your work is out there, the Author's Licensing and Collecting Society can make sure you get your royalties.


If you're interested in Radio start with the BBC Radio 4 Commissioning guide. Get to know the slots/ formats available, their different audiences and flavours. To pitch you need a producer behind you. Don't just pester BBC in-house producers: try the independents. AudioUK (formerly Radio Independents Group) provides a list of independent radio producers. Alternatively, throw your hat in the BBC Writer's Room for big broadcast opportunities.

If you want to be paid to write original theatre plays you need to get to know what's getting commissioned by which theatres, as this tells you where your work might fit.
Follow Lyn Gardner @lyngardner for news, reviews and industry views. Visit AGT Tickets new writer tips, courses and opportunities. For the Scottish perspective and great writer tips, try the The Playwrights Studio.
If you want to know if someone's already written your play explore Stage Plays or Doollee (playwrights & plays database: 16,000+ writers listed). Most importantly, familiarise yourself with the commissioning theatres. See shows, know on What's On. Find out who to talk to.

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Chariot of light steam train site specific show
Think outside the box. Not all audio drama is broadcast. The BBC is now commissioning digital only and there are lots of inspiring podcast companies out there. The medium is still finding its standards for fees and royalties: negotiate!

Go beyond the stage. Lots of companies work outside theatre buildings and take work direct to their audiences. This is can be inspiring and liberating. Generally they're looking for collaborative writers who'll join their community, speak to their audience and make a big show that 'fits in a suitcase'. Commissions are usually funded project by project.
Subversive theatre, surveillance cameras under water
Still further outside the box, immersive, site responsive/ site specific companies combine location & virtual tech, performer & audience. They create work that doesn't fit on stage and has no desire to. Work is often devised: writer becomes storyteller, site becomes character.

Wherever your writing takes you, enjoy!

This directory is based on where I've been, who I've met and what I've done. I know there's a regional bias: help me fill in the gaps!
If you think you belong on this page, get in touch.


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