Playwright Anita Sullivan Radio

"All the words and action frame one still, quiet moment where

everything changes."

Anita Sullivan


Serialisation of Thomas Hardy's novel for Radio 4. Passion, astronomy and the rights of women; a fated couple are drawn together by stars, comets and the 1884 Transit of Venus across the sun. Broadcast May 2021.


Dazzled and daunted to adapt Joseph Conrad's novel for Radio 4, updated to present day Democratic Republic of Congo. Broadcast  January 2021.  BBC Wales production.

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I'm an award-winning writer of radio and theatre plays, short-stories, podcasts and video drama. All of my 60+ scripts have been staged or broadcast. 

Writing is exploration. Experience the world as an octopus, a bee, a fox hunter, a musician from Diego Garcia, a companion-robot or a 130 year old woman. Enter a carnivorous beach-hut, swim The English Channel, drink with Faustus and orbit Earth with Gagarin.

My Radio 4 plays are often recorded on location, my theatre work site-specific. I like to work collaboratively, blending script, documentary and improvisation.

I've given MA Creative Writing seminars at Chichester and Canterbury. I also run courses at the Bishopsgate Institute.

p.s I love my job!

Dramatic audio experience, falling through space


New Perspectives Theatre Co commission adapting Janet Frame's autobiography An Angel at my Table. I'm honoured to be entrusted with the stage premier of this extraordinary life work. Tour 2020 postponed.

Freewheeler's Zoom Cubed. Devised on Zoom, performed on Zoom. In production!

Freewheeler's Do Not Disturb, written in collaboration with the company. Ambitious multimedia project. Tour 2020 postponed.

MOON. BBC Radio 4 drama serial for the anniversary of Apollo 11 moon-landing, created from the NASA transcripts. Broadcast July 2019.

Publication. The Tenant anthologised in Book of the Dead.  On Amazon

Publication. Outside-In Gains a Soul. Short stories by 127 writers, one for each episode of Angel.  For Avert HIV charity.

Two on a Tower Adaptation of Thomas Hardy's astronomy novel for Radio 4

Heart of Darkness  Contemporary reimagining of Conrad's novel for Radio 4

Ring Classic Japanese horror by Koji Suzuki, adapted in binaural sound

Pan Horror: Bram Stoker's 'The Judges House'. One of five classic short stories. Rats in the walls.

Pan Horror: William Sansom's 'The Vertical Ladder. A dare, a gasometer a climb to the limit.
Pan Horror: Poe's 'The Black Cat'. A haunted man faces a malevolent cat. Or two cats. Or none. 

We Need to Talk About Kevin Lionel Shriver's novel adapted in 10 parts for Radio 4 Woman's Hour.

Rock of Eye. Three elderly tailors make a suit for a very dangerous customer.

The Beemaker. Bees are getting lost. So are humans. Colony Collapse syndrome goes global.

The Octopus  Radio 4 Drama with a octopus as the lead character.  Nominated for Radio Drama award.

Try typing 'Anita Sullivan' into YouTube. People put my plays up, BBC takes them down. You never know what you might find. You'll also find a novelist who writes dragon stories, who isn't me. Enjoy!