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Playwright Anita Sullivan Radio

"All the words and action frame one still, quiet moment where

everything changes."

Anita Sullivan
Latest News


I'm proud to have been commissioned to write New Perspectives Theatre's 50th anniversary show, touring October/ November 2023. Booking now.


Built in 1936  the Model Village encapsulates a safe, beautiful version of England where cricket is fair and the trains run on time. But it’s not as popular as it used to be. Head Model-Maker Bob has commissioned contemporary artist Cutler to reach a new audience. The village rebels. A warm-hearted look at our different versions of England. The audience chooses the ending.

Read the making-of blog. To check out the trailer, press play >

Local council.jpg


The story of HIV told from the point of view of the virus. Today is Jude’s 50th birthday. She has lived with HIV for over 20 years and has unresolved questions. Only the virus knows the answers. New Society of Authors video interview




I'm an award-winning writer of radio and theatre plays, short-stories, podcasts and video screenplays. All of my 60+ scripts have been staged or broadcast. I'm also a digital storyteller, creating interactive narratives for VR and gamified worlds.

Writing is exploration. Experience the world as an octopus, a bee, a fox hunter, a musician from Diego Garcia, a companion-robot or a 130 year old woman. Enter a carnivorous beach-hut, swim The English Channel or orbit Earth with Gagarin.

My Radio 4 plays are often recorded on location, my theatre work site-specific. I like to work collaboratively, blending script, documentary and improvisation.

I've given MA Creative Writing seminars and run courses at the Bishopsgate Institute.

p.s I love my job!

Dramatic audio experience, falling through space



Model Village. Proud to be writing New Perspective's 50th year touring show. A model village rebels! Rehearsals start September.

Silos. Five episode Limelight serial for Radio 4. Could human hibernation save the world?  First draft in progress, broadcast early 2024.

Radio 4 commission to adapt Peter Benchley's eco-warrior coming-of age, Girl of the Sea of Cortez. With Afonica , broadcast late 2024.

End of Transmission. Audio drama, history of HIV told from the point of view of the virus. Multi award-winning.


The Composters short story published in horror complication That's So Wrong. Selected from 800 submissions. 

Freewheeler's Do Not Disturb, written in collaboration with the company. Ambitious multimedia project. Film being edited.



I'm a core collaborator on a website and creative community inspired by Scottish novelist, playwright and artist Alasdair Gray.


It celebrates his work and ethos by encouraging creative contributions and collaborations, with the aim of making people and things better. An ongoing project with Alasdair's niece Kat Rolley, launched at the International Alasdair Gray Conference in June 2022. To view a trailer for one of our projects, press play >

End of Transmission Jude confronts her HIV virus about past secrets and their future together

Two on a Tower Adaptation of Thomas Hardy's astronomy novel for Radio 4

Heart of Darkness  Contemporary reimagining of Conrad's novel for Radio 4

Ring Classic Japanese horror by Koji Suzuki, adapted in binaural sound

We Need to Talk About Kevin Lionel Shriver's novel adapted in 10 parts for Radio 4 Woman's Hour.

Rock of Eye Three elderly tailors make a suit for a very dangerous customer.

Mandrake  A dispute over a hedge, a 100 year old woman and a tree with a voice. Radio 4 drama.
 Finalist for Imisson Award

Full Blown A woman with a life-changing diagnosis confronts past relationships and secrets. Radio 4 Drama

The Octopus  Radio 4 Drama with a octopus as the lead character.  Nominated for Radio Drama award.

Try typing 'Anita Sullivan' into YouTube. People put my plays up, BBC takes them down. You never know what you might find. You'll also find an American poet and piano tuner with the same name, who isn't me. And a racehorse. Enjoy! 

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